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Education Abroad

Snapshot of Programs and Participation

Thank you for visiting the Education Abroad Dashboard. Education Abroad at UK in the International Center is the University of Kentucky's comprehensive resource for study abroad, research abroad, intern abroad, and other educational experiences worldwide. Our goal is to provide academically sound international experiences for all students that promote intercultural competence, disciplinary scholarship, and foreign language acquisition. On this site you will find charts and data that depict student participation in Education Abroad at UK over the past two academic years. Data is categorized by both location and by college. Use the below drop down menus to select the different location reports or college reports and review their data.

Two-year Comparison of Enrollment

Cumulative Enrollment Progression

This graph represents a snapshot of accepted applications created during the stated academic year. Please Note: This represents applications received during this time period and not the number of participants studying abroad. Participants may start an application as much as a year in advance of their intended program.

Program/Experience by Participation

  • Destination Region

  • Experience Type

  • Program Type


Pie charts above show total participation numbers during the timeframe indicated. Hover over the slices to see the number of participants in each segment.

Participant Characteristics




First Generation Students

Bar charts above show participation during the timeframes indicated, as a percentage of the total participant population. Hover over the bars to see the number of participants in each segment.